Frequently Asked Questions about the LSB Hymn License

This site is where you will record your use of hymns from Lutheran Service Book (LSB).  As part of your hymn license subscription, you are required to report your hymn usage.  We suggest you do this monthly but it should be done at least quarterly throughout the year. 

1) Why do we need to report our hymn usage?

From your reports, Concordia Publishing House calculate the fees due to each copyright holder for use of their hymn.  This replaces your needing to contact each copyright holder yourself to obtain a license to reprint the hymns in your bulletin, projecting them as on PowerPoint, and including the hymns in your audio and/or video recording of the service for viewing by your shut-ins and elderly.

2) How do we record our hymn usage?

Log onto by using your user name and password.  Once you access the site, you will enter information for the hymns you printed, projected or recorded under your LSB Hymn License in the Report Usage section.  For each hymn you will record the LSB hymn number, if you printed/projected text or text and music, the date you printed/projected the hymn and, for a limited number of hymns, if you also printed/projected the Spanish translation of the hymn text.

3) What rights are included in the hymn license?

With your purchase of the LSB Hymn License you have permission to reprint or project the hymn text and the melody line of the hymn (the tune).  The license also includes the right to audio and/or video record your service(s) for viewing by your shut-ins and elderly. However, the rights do not include distribution on-line or to members who were on vacation or just missed the Sunday Service.

4) What is excluded from the hymn license?

The following two hymns are not part of the hymn license for customers in the United States and Canada:

Hymn # Title Excluded Portion
462 All the Earth with Joy Is Sounding Tune
712 Seek Ye First Text and Tune

Other countries, outside the United States and Canada, you cannot reproduce or record the following hymns:

Hymn # Title Excluded Portion
462 All the Earth with Joy Is Sounding Tune
550 and 550a  Lamb of God Text and Tune
712  Seek Ye First Text and Tune
806 and 806a Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart Text and Tune
970 and 970a Jesus, Name above all Names Text and Tune
971 There is a Redeemer Text and Tune
973 and 973a Thy Word Is a Lamp Text and Tune
978 How Majestic Is Your Name Text and Tune

You must obtain additional permission from the copyright holder for use the hymns set forth above prior to reproducing or recording the hymns. Also, please note that there is no permission to reproduce the settings to the hymns found in Lutheran Service Book.

5) May we archive our Sunday Service on CD, DVD, our website, etc.?

Unfortunately, your LSB Hymn License does not include the permission to archive your services in any form.  Even the recordings you make for viewing by your shut-ins and elderly must be destroyed or taped over unless you obtain additional permission from the copyright holders.

6) Does the LSB Hymn License cover choir anthems and instrumental music?

No, the LSB hymn license only covers the use of the hymns from LSB.  The hymn license does not cover the reprinting of anthem text in your bulletin or on a PowerPoint slide nor the recording, streaming or podcasting of music other than the hymns.  Please contact our Copyrights Office at for information on individual CPH copyrighted anthems and instrumental music.  For anthems and instrumental pieces from other publisher, you will need to contact that publisher.

7) What type of copyright notice needs to be included in my bulletin, on my PowerPoint slides and read at the conclusion of my Podcast or Streaming of the service?

As part of your LSB Hymn License, you agree that each reproduced copy of a copyrighted hymn will include the hymn title, author and composer names, and a proper notice of copyright in the following form:

Text [and/or tune] ©xxxx [insert copyright holder name].  Used by permission. #xxxxx.

Copyright notices shall be placed immediately following the hymn as printed or projected.

7) How much does a LSB Hymn License cost?

The annual subscription rate for LSB Hymn License is based on your average weekly attendance.  More information can be found at: To order the hymn license without purchasing Lutheran Service Builder, please call 800-325-3040.

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